Ground Support Equipment Products

Ground Support Equipment

All our GSEs are built with robust construction and are built to last. Aviphilic recognises the unique needs of each customer and build GSEs to the customer’s preference with choice of engines, control systems, manoeuvrability features and with sensors and actuators that is flexible to the needs of the customer. Our manufacturing costs are kept low and are passed onto the customers in terms of competitive pricing offered to them. All our GSEs are covered by warranty so that customers can look forward to ordering our GSEs with confidence.


Our pool of R&D engineers at the production plants constantly strive to make product improvements and product innovations with new safety features and better quality improvements to keep ahead of times. We design, manufacture, test, and market airport ground support equipment, with extensive experiences of long term services in globe GSE market.


Aviphilic is fully committed to become the top-ranking supplier to airlines and MROs in all continents. Aviphilic GSEs list includes tow tractors, cargo loaders, ground power unit, air starter, de-icers, snow ploughs, catering trucks, passenger steps, belt loader conveyers, lavatory trucks, water trucks, garbage trucks, baggage tractors, water carts, lavatory carts, fuel bowsers, crane mounted trucks, cherry pickers, tailgate trucks, tripod jacks, dollies  etc. made from some of the finest parts manufacturers in the world.


Beyond being a conventional GSE manufacturer, we offer system solution to our customers by means of developing smart equipment which can communicate with each other, and can be centrally controlled by central station simultaneously. The fleet management system allows our customers to monitor the operating status, fuel consumption, maintenance alert, and safety alarming etc. of entire fleet on each individual vehicle and on real-time basis. We provide such value-added services to our customer to make their fleet working more efficiently and effectively.
Aviphilic is very much focused on product development by attracting best talents with diversified background, which makes our R&D centre a vivid incubator that generates numerous new ideas.